VE1AEH Repeater

VE1AEH Repeater Map
Map of VE1AEH & Frequencies

VE1AEH Glenmont 2M FM Repeater

Rx: 147.180
Tx: 147.780 (standard +600 KHz offset)
EchoLink, IRLP
Weekly VHF Net: Please see our activities page for updates
Mondays at 19:00 local (on hiatus until September 2023)

VE1AEH Glenmont 2M Yaesu Fusion Repeater

Rx: 145.370
Tx: 144.770 (standard -600 KHz offset)
Wires-X Room # 68487
Maritime Fusion Net: Wednesdays at 19:00 local

Repeater Codes

To access MAVCOM from VE1AEH, key in 118* to turn the VE1AEH link ON and then key in the destination code. To bring down the link, key in the code to bring down the destination link and then key in 119* to bring down the VE1AEH link.

For example:

  • 118* VE1AEH Link ON, 124* VE1CFR Link ON
  • 123* VE1CFR Link OFF, 119* VE1AEH Link OFF




VE1AEH LAN: 145.090 MHz