VE1AEH Tower

VE1AEH Repeater

The club's repeater is located in Glenmont. Some features are analog/digital voice, packet and IRLP/Echolink.

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Club History

Kings County Amateur Radio Club dates its beginnings back to January 21, 1969, when a group of 12 local amateurs grouped together to form a club.

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The club has the February Challenge, which offers participants a chance to earn a CW, SSB Phone and Digital Modes award.

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KCARC Ham of the Year 11 Mar 2021

It is with great pleasure that at our March 2021 meeting our past president, Wayne – VE1BAB, presented Lysle – VE1BZE with the KCARC’s Amateur of the year award for 2020/2021.  Lysle was instrumental in purchasing and organizing the requirements to upgrade the Club’s VE1AEH Repeater.

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KCARC Ham of the Year 2020/2021

Recipient of the RAC Amateur of the Year 2020: Al Penney, VO1NO. 2 Mar 2021

The RAC Board of Directors takes great pleasure in selecting Al Penney, VO1NO, as the recipient of the RAC Amateur of the Year Award for 2020 in recognition of his tireless efforts to promote Amateur Radio in his home province of Newfoundland, throughout Canada and internationally.

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RAC Amateur of the Year 2020

Winter Contest 20 Dec 2020

Despite COVID-19 (and generally miserable shortwave propagation), four members of the Kings Co. ARC (three of whom are also in HARC) decided to get together for the 24-h RAC Winter Contest. Since 2006, hams in both HARC and KCARC have gathered for the annual Canada Day and Canada Winter RAC contests at the house and radio shack of Fred (VE1FA) and Helen (VA1YL) Archibald in metropolitan Canard, (just south of Canning). The shack/workshop is fairly roomy, allowing lots of snacks, chairs, and kibitzers. This time Wayne VE1BAB and Bob VE1RSM made up the foursome. We four meet frequently, so consider ourselves in a common bubble.

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Winter Field Day 2020