Holiday Poem

Written by Stephen Weiss

To the esteemed ops of KCARC, my cheer extends,
A festive ham radio poem, where camaraderie blends.
May your channels stay clear, antennas stand tall,
In winter’s chill, resilient, enduring all.

Through QRM and QRN, may your signals break free,
Celebrate with keys tapping in joyous glee.
In the holiday spirit, your tone remains pure,
Radiating joy to all, both distant and near.

Feasting on DX and propagation’s delight,
In family warmth, your spirits take flight.
In the spirit of QSOs, stories exchanged with cheer,
Blessings to all hams, both far and near.

Blessings on each CQ call you send,
In the ham radio world, goodwill extend.
So, with Morse code and echoes of the bands,
Wishing you joyous festivities and New Year sands.