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KCARC Photo Album - 2000 to 2001

Don Bower VE1AMC presenting IWAN information at the KCARC February 2001 AGM

Attentive IWAN Presentation audience, Feb. 2001

IWAN Presentation at the Feb. 2001 AGM

Lysle VE1BZE proves once and for all that John VE1ATT should consider a diet!

John VE1ATT presents the KCARC Annual CW Contest Trophy to Phil VE1WT on Mar. 5th, 2001

Phil VE1WT accepts the KCARC Annual CW Contest Trophy from John VE1ATT, while Ken VE1SG continues his treasury duties

Secretary Derek VE1FLY, Pres. John VE1ATT, and Treasurer Ken VE1SG, Mar 5th, 2001

Terry Canning leads a discussion re Trunked Mobile Radios, their use and implementation, Mar 5th, 2001

  Kentville Volunteer Fire Department Tour - March 2001

Tour group assembling outside the newly renovated Kentville Volunteer Fire Department, Kentville, NS, March 17, 2001

Side view of one of the KVFD's new Pumper Trucks. Note the "In-House" exhaust handling system and 6500 watt generator

Art VE1ART, Lysle VE1BZE, John VE1ATT, Phil WT, Jacob VE1JAH and Ken VE1SG following the KVFD tour

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  14 Wing Greenwood Tour - April 28, 2001

Neptune on display - Greenwood Military Aviation Museum

Lancaster on display - Greenwood Military Aviation Museum

Argus on display - Greenwood Military Aviation Museum

Derek VE1FLY, Art VE1ART and Layton VE1MT

Tutor Jet - Greenwood Military Aviation Museum

Phil VE1PFH and wife Betty

One of many displays at the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum

Lysle VE1BZE. His own words ... "Looks OK. Try 'er now!"

On the road again. Next stop "Check Point Charlie", 14 Wing Greenwood

CP 140 Aurora - 14 Wing Greenwood. The 405 Squadron provided an excellent, informative tour of this Aurora for members and guests of the KCARC

Thank you to Derek VE1FLY and 405 Squadron for providing an informative presentation on the role of the 405 Squadron and a tour of the CP 140 Aurora.

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  Hobby Horse Farm Equestrian Cross Country Trials - Sept. 07, 2001

(Back) VE1AEM, VE1FLY, VE1MT (Middle) Brandon Messom, VE1ATT, VE1PFH, VE1ART (Front) VE1BZE, VE1HXC, VE1WT

Derek VE1FLY asks, "Dorrine, you're certain this is a hot dog and not a meadow muffin? You didn't drop it before I got it did you?"

Hobby Horse Fram Sep. 07, 2001. Obviously a beautiful day and setting for participating in the 2001 Hobby Horse Farm Trials

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