Announcements, May 2024

Packet & APRS nodes offline for hardware upgrades. This notice will be removed once service is restored.

KCARC Grant Coordinator
Wayne as been the club grant writer for several years and he advised me that he is stepping down. Wayne has done a phenomenal job with the job from researching possible grants for the club to coordinating and following up with the grant sponsor. So, is there anyone interesting in taking up the mantle of the KCARC Grant Coordinator?
If you are interested, please contact Wayne who is more than willing to give you a breakout of the scope of the position. It would be great if we can have a new Coordinator in place before the meeting in June.

Greenwood Museum Visit
Wayne advised me that the visit to the Greenwood Museum is postponed due to calendar conflicts.
Stay tuned for further information.

June Meeting
I have not scheduled any presentations for this meeting. The meeting will be a business meeting with Al finalizing the details for FD 2024.