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Minutes KCARC October 1st 2018

Present: : Lysle VE1BZE, Fred VE1FA, Helen VA1YL, Bob VE1RSM, Al VO1NO, Bruce VE1BDH, Greg VE1HGR, Scot VE1WTF, Neil Northop VE1STP, Janet Northrop VE1JNT, Don VA1VC

Meeting started at 7:30

Wayne, our new President was absent. Bob VE1RSM took the Chair.

Finance: Art was busy with the fire Department. No Financial Report.

EMO – Al VO1NO attended the recent Regional Emergency Management Planning Committee (REMPC) meeting for Kings County, and reported the following:

- The Kings County REMO policy on Comfort and Emergency Shelters is close to being fully approved by the county government and all three municipal governments. It has provision for Amateur Radio operations. Shelter authorities are to ensure that there is a private area with outside access for antennas for any Amateurs who may be stationed there.

- The REMPC approved the updated Kings County Emergency Plan. It will now be sent for County/Municipal government approval.

- There will be a Wildfire Evacuation Exercise for county staff on 19 Oct. Al VO1NO will represent Amateur Radio.

- The REMO Guide for Elected Officials is ready for distribution. It explains the emergency management process for elected officials, and cautions them not to make public statements without first checking with the Emergency Coordination Centre (ECC) staff.

- Kings REMO has a public outreach program. If we are interested, REMO Coordinator Dan Stovel might be able to give a presentation at a future meeting.

Al VO1NO investigated the possibility of Kings REMO using the same message form as is currently employed by HRM, as it is superior to the ICS 213 message form that Kings County uses. Unfortunately, the county decided to stick with the ICS 213 in the interests of standardization with the rest of NS.

Old Business: Lysle did some research about the new device on the tower for Echolink & IRLP. We approved funding in the spring so Lysle can go ahead. The costs are from the donations from Peter. You can use 2 Meters or your computer. It is in progress. We would need an internet link to the site.

Shubie Radio - Colleen Nesquith – says she just needs a date & time. If 15 of us go, we need 2 vans. We need to let Enterprise know ahead of time. EMO seems very anxious to have us come. It would be a nice dimension for Exercise Handshake. Bob VE1RSM says he can drive the van. Weekend Sunday afternoon or Saturday Afternoon. Saturday is better for the group. Bob will send out an email to the group. Seven passenger vans don’t need a special driver. Lysle will let us know by email when this is on.

One van $100 plus gas & insurance. Do we want to have a vote on people driving their own vans? Greg will drive himself. Lysle put out a motion that the club proceed with the trip to Shubie Radio on Saturday with a cost not to exceed $500 maximum 2 vans & fuel. Seconded by Greg. We will stop at a restaurant on the way home. It was voted on & passed.

The AEH Repeater seems to not be working.

QSL cards address needs to be changed from Bob’s address to KCARC address.

Club becoming affiliated with RAC – if we want the insurance package we need to be Incorporated. We would have to pay back issues. The cost might be about $30 per year. For $8.95 more we get the paper copy sent to a local organization. Until we get the membership affiliation we won’t get QSL cards or be able to send them. Members voted yes for the membership. Al suggested we get the paper magazine for the Kentville Library. This suggestion was passed. Greg suggested we talk to the Library before we order we get it sent to them. If they say “No”, we could send it to Acadia Library.

New Business – There are several people trying to get towers up. Wayne VE1BAB is one. Barry VE1QY is another, Bob VE1RSM is another. They will want help.

Any topics anyone would like to have talked about? Al has a bunch of presentations. Al will talk about CH Radar in the Battle of Britain at the next meeting. Bob was asked it he would do a presentation on FT8 in March or April for HARC. Bob would do it for KCARC before then

Field Day 2019 – Al offered to run the Field Day. Bob also offered but Al agreed to do it.

Indonesia Earthquake amateurs are running things on 40 M.

Don VA1VC wants to know how to put up the best vertical dipole.

50th Anniversary of KCARC January 21st 1969. Bob asked about original members. Phil Long VE1WT would know the answers to these people. VE1LD was Wes Veale. VE1AEH was obtained in 1977. The original Club call in June 1969 VE1EMO. In 1974 they had a joint meeting with Annapolis Valley RC. Bob suggests we get a special call for the anniversary. VE150LD or VE1LD/50. It could be used by all members. Bob thought of a special dinner in April & advertise things out to all old members in the Valley Harvester or the Register.

Bob suggested that we have a meeting/celebration at Fred & Helen’s on the January 20th weekend to celebrate the 50th anniversary. It would have to be Sunday but Fred & Helen agreed to have it.

Don VE1DRS/VE1VC paid his membership.

Greenwood Flea Market is October 20th. Fred will have a table.

VE1LD is on eQSL & Logbook of the world. If you use the call you should send Bob the log.

Meeting ended at: 8:45



Minutes KCARC September 10th 2018

Present: Barry VE1WT, Art VE1GG, Wayne VE1BAB, Lysle VE1BZE, Fred VE1FA, Wayne VE1BAB, Helen VA1YL Moe VE1ABM Bob VE1RSM, Al VA1AVR, Bruce VE1BDH

Meeting started at 7:30

Wayne, our new President, greeted everyone & welcomed some oldcomers. We had a good Field Day. Bob VE1RSM compacted the numbers & sent it off to RAC. No results have shown up yet. Bon Portage went well, except for the Beams needing to be taken down & cleaned & set back up.

Field Day $369.00 costs were good. Two people paid $20 for the insurance.

Flea Market in Moncton this Weekend.

Greenwood Flea Market is October 20th.

Canada Day contest was held at Bob’s & worked well.

Finance: Art was present. August 31st, money in treasury $3532.59. Art had a bill for the $12.95 for the certificates for EMO practice.

Old Business: Lysle didn’t do anything about the new device on the tower for Echolink & IRLP this summer. He has done some research IRLP equipment would start at about $160 USD. A nanonode – is about the same price – Lysle is leaning towards that. – About $750 plus shipping & handling. We approved funding in the spring so Lysle can go ahead. The costs are from the donations from Peter. You can use 2 Meters or your computer. It is in progress. It could be acquired & installed by next meeting.

Shubie Radio - Colleen Nesquith – says she just needs a date & time. Enterprise runs a 7 passenger van with a driver. If 15 of us go, we need 2 vans, We need to let Enterprise know ahead of time. EMO seems very anxious to have us come. It would be a nice dimension for Exercise Handshake. Bob VE1RSM says he can drive the van.

Al EMO – HARC does use a different message form – so Al will try to persuade EMO here to change the form. ICS 200 Al has taken. ICS 300 Al has booked for. Al will schedule a class later in the fall. There is an ICS 100 course – you might be able to do it on-line. Kings Co REMO had a hurricane practice.

The new solar cycle has started.

Annapolis Valley ARC is going to operate a lighthouse in October or November. Probably at Margaretsville.

Lysle told us that Don Digman passed away – he was in West Hants REMO meetings. The replacement has a heart condition but he can still go to the meetings. Steve is interested in the West Hants Repeater. That Repeaters is under Keith.

Correspondence – Bob got some QSL cards for the Club. The Post office Box is still free, in a different place.

New Business – WE are having an anniversary coming up in the winter. Bob thinks we should get a special call for the anniversary. Bob things we should have a dinner with old members.

Web Page – is up to date. Thanks to Doug. Al says we should go on Facebook. Maritime Amateurs has a new Facebook Page.

VE1LD is on eQSL & Logbook of the world. If you use the call you should send Bob the log.

Phil has 35- to 40 QSL cards for VE1LD. Because we are not members of RAC we can’t use the Buro. You can use Incoming QSL Buro but not use the Outcoming if you are not a member. $65 a year will give us membership. We haven’t used VE1LD much lately – we have been using VE1RAC. Membership with Electronic magazine is $10 less thank with the paper magazine. Bob will check out whether we need to be a club & pay more. Lysle said he thinks we should be a member, Fred agreed. Wayne said we will decide to agree.

Halifax ARC does not have a QSL manager.

The next meeting will be October 1st 2018.

Fred VE1FA did a presentation on his trip to Round Island Alaska.

Meeting ended at: 9:18



Minutes KCARC June 4th 2018

Present: Fred VE1FA, Helen VA1YL, Bob VE1RSM, Greg VE1HGR, Bruce VE1BDH, Wayne VE1BAB, Al VA1AVR, Kieth Appletin N6QLQ, JACOB VE1JA, Lysle VE1BZE, Kevin VE1BAK

Meeting started at 7:30


Finance: Art was not present. Dues are due. $3782.47. 13 paid up members.

REMO: Al VO1NO reported that the first REMO Emergency Communications Course held on the previous weekend went very well, with 12 people graduating and now qualified to assist in time of emergency. Serious deficiencies were noted with the ICS message form used by Kings County. Lysle mentioned that Hants County used a message form based on what is used in Halifax, and that it seemed to work well. Al indicated that he was familiar with that message form, having designed it for HRM in the late 1990s. He will investigate the possibility of having Kings County adopt a similar form.

Al pointed out that it was necessary to practice these new skills on a regular basis. Reviving the Sunday evening net might be one way to achieve this. Al will check into this for the fall. There will also be another Emergency Communications Course in the fall.

Al indicated that he would attend the Regional Emergency Planning Committee meeting on 20 June, and the Table Top Exercise for hurricane preparedness on 20 July.

Repeater: Repeater – is working. Backbone antennas are misaligned.

Club outings/Events:

Day Trip (Fall 2018) Lysle talked about Shubie. Shubie is the hub for TMR radio. It would be a nice expedition. Colleen Nesmith is the person in charge. We will put it off until September. Al thinks we need a course in TMR2 radios. Fred thinks we should stop at Dartmouth. Lysle looked into renting a vehicle - $100 a day for 7 passengers plus insurance. They supply the driver. Saturday works best if it works for EMO.

Canada Day contest will be held at Archibalds QTH Saturday 9 PM June 30th till 9 PM Sunday July 1st. We will be VE1RAC. Single transmitter, multi mode, high power. Last year we didn’t do well. In December we did better. People bring snacks. Helen will have burgers for dinner & sandwiches for lunch.

Field Day 2018: see wrap up at end of minutes.

Old Business

Bob suggested that the 50th Anniversary plans to be – BF – fall of 2018 for further discussions and decision.

New Business –

VE1LD QSL Cards - Fred indicated that Phil VE1WT has a stack of QSL cards for VE1LD but KCARC is not a member of RAC. VE1LD & VE1AEH are not well listed on QRZ, or RAC. Lysle is the coordinator for VE1LD and VE1AEH. We need to be a member of RAC to use the QSL bureau. Lysle and Bob will work on this. We use VE1LD on Field Day.

Any XM1150CAN should go to Bob VE1RSM.

Bob will look into what is required for the Club to use the outgoing QSL bureau. It is likely that the club will have to be affiliated with RAC to use the outgoing bureau. Phil give the bureau cards to Fred & he will pass them on.

Lysle – Echolink & IRLP – would make a motion to go ahead with them. We need about $455.00 USD for the hardware which will operate both. Lysle moved that we buy the hardware for this node. The rough estimate will be about $1000 CAD. This money will be from Peter Smale’s donation. Seconded by Bruce. Brian Deathe & Eric Smith will help install it. Lysle will donate a computer to use. All in favour. It also has emergency communications applications.

President: Wayne volunteered to take over as President. Discussion was held. Greg made a motion that we take Wayne as new President. Seconded by Al. Voted unanimously. Fred told us to give Bob a nice round of applause for his work as President.

Field Day Report: Wayne reported on Field day. Field day, the EMO guy Dan Stovel will turn up for 100points. Wayne will ask to have the grass mowed. Station 1 will be SSB station. Easy-up. Lysle will bring his travel trailer. Radios – Kenwood 590 & switching supply. Beam: Wayne’s. Wayne’s vertical for 40 M & Dipole for 80 M. Station #2 Wayne’s van – Bob’s radios IC 747, Bob’s beam, multi dipole & 3 masts. Al will bring his trailer & 6 M – 5 element Yagi., 70 TS 870 & 850 & a brick, 2 M 736 R & FT8 will be possible. Other digital modes. VHF & Satellite will be in Al’s Trailer, he will bring at tent for GOTA.

Bob will have a laptop & modem, Helen will bring a laptop, Bruce will bring a generator & Barry will bring his. Barry wants to do some QRP & digital. Al will bring his generator. Wayne has the signage in his garage. We will be on the Port Williams FB page. The PW reporter will turn up. Wayne will look after the insurance. Wayne can get the table & chairs from the community centre. Saturday night will be pizza delivered. Wayne will bring a BBQ. There is a port a potty. First aid kit. Public Information table will be at the GOTA station. Al has a solar panel in his trailer. W1AW bulletin – someone needs to copy it on Friday night. Bob plans to stay there on Friday night. He can try to get the W1AW bulletin Friday night.

Educational activity – Al can teach basic knots. Helen will bring the certificates for Morse Code. Fred will bring 3 Morse code things. Safety Officer – Al nominated Frank – VE1FFA. Message to section manager – VE9CB we can send by 2 Meters to someone & they can take a picture and then email to Dave.

Fred & Helen are taking a trip on July 2nd till July 14th to Round Island off Alaska. It is NA-121 & it is very rare. They may take a radio & get on the air. There is internet on the island. If we get on the air we can send the message to Bob & he can send it out. They will only be on 40 & 20. Wayne has a folding antenna that might go up to 20 feet.

Logging program is N1MM. Al wants to have a large computer screen – Bob has one. Al has a endless loop on ham radio.

Keith has not been active on HF for years. Kevin has retired, he will do a presentation in the fall.

Web Site: It is presently being updated by Doug VE1FAL. This will be done in his spare time. He is updating the processes to Word Press, a more user friendly Web Page setup.

The next meeting will be September 10th 2018.

Meeting ended at: 9:08



Minutes KCARC April 9th 2018

Present: Fred VE1FA, Helen VA1YL, Bob VE1RSM, Greg VE1HGR, Bruce VE1BDH, Wayne VE1BAB, Al VA1AVR, Scott VA1WTF, Kevin VE1BAK

Meeting started at 7:

FINANCE: Art was present. Dues are due. $3059.72. 13 paid up members. No honourary member, John Anderson died. Could Bill Elliot be an honourary member? No response.

Old Business:
EMO Al VA1AVR: Regional Management Meeting. Dan Stovel is new regional Emergency Management Coordinator. (REMC). Dan Stovel is ex-Naval officer. Regional Emergency Management Advisory Committee. REMAC. Amateur Radio has a seat on the board. REMPC includes Amateur Radio operators. REMPC - Planning Committee. Meets 4 times per year. Dan supports Memorandums of Understanding between EMO & Amateur Radio. Only one Amateur Radio operator will attend the meetings & will be a non-voting member.

Saturday May 5th 9 - 1600. Training Meeting of 20 people for EMO. Can they get a room at the Kentville Fire Hall? If not Port Williams could host them. Kentville Fire Hall might charge for the all day meeting. A course Outline: Intro to EMO communications, Outline of KC EMO, Types of disasters, emergency plans, overview of ICS, Description of Amateur Repeater system, Basic Voice Procedure & message handling, Net procedures, and Practical Exercise. Are KCARC members invited? (Note: this was cancelled due to no space available. Rescheduled for 2nd Jun at the KVFD.)

Antennas at Repeater: Al VA1AVR got in touch with Bill Elliot VE1MR. Antennas are misaligned. Both are operational. It is not necessary to repair them.

Keith from Centreville is interested in taking the ham radio course so he can fly models legally. Some other pilots might be interested. The course will only be given if we get 4-5 people.

January 21st next year will be our 50th anniversary for the club. VE1LD50, or VE150LD. People suggested we just get a special prefix. Special callsigns make pile-ups occur.

Lysle wants to take the club on the road trip. Bob gave the project to Lysle, Bob is not interested in the road trip. Al suggested Nautel in Tantallon. Nautel is a radio manufacturer.

February Challenge Feb 1st to Feb 28th. Results were in by March 15th. All done. Certificates & trophies will be given out on April 26th at Kao Restaurant. Art has Microsoft Publisher which is what John VE1ATT used. Bob will use his free program for 2018.

Field Day 2018. Wayne spoke to the Insurance Company & got the same price as last year. Fred & Wayne will go to check out the noise. There is more property now. Art offered to write the cheque. Wayne made a motion to get $400. Greg seconded it. Passed. Lysle has the tables. Bob has the easy up tents. Borrow Bruce’s generator & Barry’s. We can use Bob’s plastic garage.

Al proposed that we combine KCARC & Annapolis Valley ARC. AVARC would supply a third station in the spirit of cooperation for emergency. It would be the GOTA station. Al would bring his stuff to the local area, including his generator. Al says that people from AVARC who would come to Field Day might join KCARC. AVR would bring about 9 people.

Wayne says he will go along with whatever the group agrees on. Bob asked if everyone liked the idea of AVR joining us. Bruce agreed that we invite the AVR. Greg thinks that we should join together. Scott thinks it is a good idea to join the two clubs to show that things are stronger.

Lysle suggested in March that we have Ground Search & Rescue bring their vehicle as a training exercise.. Bruce likes digital modes, & so does Bob. So if we have a 3rd station (GOTA) there will be more chances to operate.

Insurance is $175.00. The rest of the money is for food and gas. AVR will bring gas and a generator. Total cheque is $400.

Canada Summer contest. June 30th till July 1st. Bob requested VE1RAC and we got it. It will be at Helen & Fred’s QTH.

SMART Symposium to be held in Amherst on April 28th 2018. 5$ per person which includes your lunch. There will be a tailgate flea market. RAC Coordinator, Dave Goodwin will be there. Good speakers.

Web Site: It is now run by Doug VE1FAL who has offered to try to keep us current. He has changed the banner. Bob will send the minutes and the results of the contest. Wayne has pictures he will submit.

Al VA1AVR talked about the West Island Amateur Radio Club DXpediton to St Paul Island in 1999 CY9CWI.

The next meeting will be May 7th.

Meeting ended at: 9:10



04 November 2013

Called to order at 7:12

Introductions: Eric VE1JW; Al VO1NO; Ralph VE1SIM; Fred VE1FA; Moe, VE1AEM; Phil VE1WT; Wayne VE1BAB ; Dave VE1UJ; Shelley VE1NOS; Lysle VEBZE; Helen VA1YL; Bob VE1RSM; Art VE1ART; John VE1ATT

Bob gave a bit of a summary of his ham radio career.

Executive meeting was held on skype Tuesday Oct 29th. Business meetings are to be kept short.

Silent Keys: Lew Thorpe VE1CA – not active in the club, passed away  Wed Oct 30th. Funeral was Saturday Nov 1st. His son Lew is VE1TLT.

Financial report was handed out. Expenses for the repeater so far this year are zero & it is expected it will stay the same. Moved by Ralph VE1SIM, seconded by Eric VE1JW that the report be accepted.  Passed. RAC renewal is due by December 31st. $27.95 plus tax. This does not include RAC insurance. No motion is needed. John VE1ATT had a bill for the website. Ralph VE1SIM had a question – club has to be incorporated to be insured. This has changed in the last year. Al VO1NO asked about liability insurance. There is none at present. If we had something like Field Day you can get 1 day insurance. Wayne belongs to a group that gets insurance for 24 hours for $100.00. Art will investigate short term insurance and EMO work. 

If the club has insurance members are covered for some things.

New repeater: It is ordered, Art was expecting it this week. We got the notice of lease termination on the site and a copy of the agreement between the county and Canning Fire Department and a copy of the agreement between the club and Canning Fire Department. Art, Bob and the County, and Canning Fire Department will get together & sign off on the agreements soon.

Meeting time & order of meeting: Proposed that we meet at 7, start the meeting at 7:30, have a short business meeting and then a program & some social time. Discussion was held. Eric asked when we need to be out – no deadline.  Phil said we used to start at 7:30.

Old Business – any from the floor? Art brought up a letter from CNIB. Asking about the donation. We usually pass the hat at the meeting & then top it up to $100.   Al suggested that the money be sent out to a local level of CNIB. Discussion was held. We will pass the hat at the meeting.

Club Banquet Dinner: Lysle hasn’t booked a dinner for November. 22nd Friday. Meet at 6 for 6:30. 

Maritime Contest Club – sent a certificate of participation.

New Business: Eric invited all to Greenwood Christmas Party Dec 13th Friday – a roast beef dinner.

Al mentioned the amateur radio course at base community centre after Christmas and asked people to spread the word, starting in early January. Steve VE1XBC is still a qualified examiner. President of the club has to sign, too.  

Meeting was closed and the floor opened to discussion about growing the club membership and attendance.

Growth Ideas:

- Business Cards executive will have them.

- Future presentations – suggestions wanted – send an email to Helen or any other executive. Moe suggested we keep in touch with Kevin VE1BAK because his presentation was great. .

- We offered a free membership to anyone who signed up 1 person from Yarmouth signed up and won. 

- How do we continue forward with contacting past members?

- Do we have a list of current emails for some members – especially those who have not showed for meeting lately, can we contact them? Art has a limited list. John VE1ATT has a long list.

- Do you have a local ham you might be able to get to come to meetings?

Program Ideas from membership.

John asked what the Skype addresses were but was informed that the Skype meeting is just for the Executive.

There is a VHF net at 8 on Sunday night on the repeater. Peter would welcome club discussion on the net. There are lots of scanner listeners on the net.

Bob asked if there was any interest in an 80 M net one night of the week. Monday or Friday at 6:30 on 3740. It was agreed to give it a try. An email reminder will go out the day before. Bob will do net control. John will add it to the calendar.

Al offered to give a number of presentations., one on St Paul Island, low band receive antennas; operation crossroads.
Fred has a few programs.
Ernie VE1AEW has a video he wants to share.
Dave UJ would like to know more about WW2.
Test instruments, grid dip meter.
Building a hex beam – workshop on a Saturday.
Beverage antennas.
Workshops on Saturdays – with lunch at a local watering hole.
Foxhunting – Greenwood has a fox. 
Lysle suggested a day trip somewhere. Suggestions are wanted. Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Halifax Dockyard; We could open it up to the Greenwood club. The club could pony up for part of the cost.


- Lysle  gave a 10 minute presentation on Linux

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  02 December 2013

KCARC Agenda Dec 2nd 2013

Present: Art VE1ART, Bob VE1RSM,  Lysle VE1BZE, Fred VE1FA,  Eric VE1JW  Dan VE1DAN,  Phil VE1WT,  Jacob VE1EN,  Wayne VE1BAB,  VE1BAK Kevin, Al VE1NO, Mike VE1MU, Ernie VE1AUW

Financial Report VE1ART – Balance  – includes the Repeater which Art has paid for & written a cheque to himself. WE still have money left after repeater. Art moved the report be accepted. Seconded Fred VA1FA. Accepted. 

Old Business:

Repeater update  VE1ART– Repeater paid for but not picked up. Reg will pick it up as soon as he gets back from NB and he will program it. Repeater will be down for a few days. Reg will not need help at the site but he would appreciate company. The repeater will be down for a few days.

Contacting Kings Co Amateurs Lysle recommends phoning local hams and advertising on local bulletin boards, including sending them to the web site. Also using the VHF net on Sunday nights to remind people to come

Club Christmas dinner was well attended at Kao Restaurant. We were going to take a donation for CNIB but it didn’t happen. Donations should be given to Art over the next two meetings. We are aiming for $100. 

Bob set up a letter about his background to post on the web. Lysle proofread it & it has been sent to John. Bob also wanted to thank John for his efforts on the Web page. The Minutes are posted on the web. John sent his regrets.

Understanding Through Communications is our new slogan and Bob has it on his card.

Business Cards: Art has a program on his computer & made up some for himself and one for Bob. He passed one around & offered to make some for anyone who wants some.

Dec 5th 2013 Supper at Fire Hall 75 to 100 people. Helpers are wanted.  6 PM. Casual dress. Name tag is nice.

Winter Amateur Radio Course (Al & Fred): Mid to late January. VO1NO at RAC is the contact person if you know anyone who wants to take it.  Once a week for 2 to 2 ½ months. Cost is the cost of the book.  Al will send out a notice to the web site.

Insurance: RAC insurance $160 for incorporated club plus $1 per club member who is a RAC member & $12 for non RAC members. Do we need insurance & how often?”. The club has to be incorporated – which means an audited financial statement, and membership report. Wayne VE1BAB offered to check out the liability insurance costs. $100 a day covers another group he is in.

Presentation by Al VO1NO “Defeating Hilter’s Chase Me Charlies”

Speaker for January:

Ernie – VE1AUW   Tony Hancock – The Radio Ham. 

Fred VE1FA – Just got Bird 43 Meter – he has tested it & it is accurate. If anyone wants to bring a transceiver, a meter or a tuner to his house & have it tested & tweaked Fred will do it – HF only.

RAC Winter Contest: Everyone is invited to join us for the contest at our house at 25 Canard St on Dec 28th & 29th.

Club Projects:

HEX Beam project delayed till spring
New ideas for projects requested

Club Trip Ideas:

Where? When? Bob is checking for costs

Club Activities:

Brass Pounder – discuss the current rules (web site) and see if there is interest in reviving this activity and if we should include a SSB award

Canada Winter Contest – Helen/Fred have offered their home for this activity again this year, any interest?

Field Day – Yes/No/Maybe.  We need to decide by Feb 2014 if FD will be a go or not, or do we combine with Greenwood.  If FD is a go we need an OPI.

Note - Lysle suggested that if there is not much interest in FD than maybe we could coordinate a weekend outing at the repeater site to operate on a weekend outside FD.  Bob suggested that maybe we could do a weekend at the site for the Maritime QSO Party weekend instead of FD. – Comments

Maritime QSO Party – is in Jun – Date to be confirmed.

Greenwood Christmas Dinner – To date Bob and Lysle are planning to attend, any one else?

Open Discussion: On The Air

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 06 January 2014

January 6th   7:30 PM

Fred VE1FA, Jacob VE1JAH, Wayne VE1BAB, Phil VE1WT, Lysle VE1BZE, Ernie VE1AUW, Bob, VE1RSM, Helen VA1YL, Mike Wood, VE1MAW,

Presentation by Ernie VE1AUW: Tony Hancock Ham Radio

Financial Report – Art VE1ART No change from December report. Collecting Dues.

Due now, Payable from 7 PM till 7:30 PM

Old Business – Insurance – Wayne VE1BAB

Wayne talked to Gates Insurance 1 day  for 1 Million coverage $250.  1 year $450 ,  Another group gets 1 day for $100. Wayne will check that out.

New Repeater –  Reg MacDonald is still busy. The Repeater is bought & delivered.

Al  VO1NO– status on Ham course. Al did not attend. Fred did not have any dates.

Winter Contest Summary – Fred VE1FA Phil, VE1WT,  Barry VE1QY, Art, VE1ART, Bob VE1RSM, Lysle VE1BZE, Helen VA1YL took part. This was the second best winter score. We scored about 340,000. Best was 378,000. We had a good time & good munchies. We got lots of multipliers. There was a lot of chatting, too.

Donations for CNIB - ART

In reminder notice – donations will be collected for CNIB.

Presentation – Ernie VE1AUW

Meeting after presentations.

New Business –.

Field Day VE1RSM – discussion – should we combine with Greenwood?   If we do it we will need a coordinator.

Lysle VE1BZE – Club outing; Maritime QSO  club meeting camp out at Repeater site.  Lysle put this on hold for better weather. Fred asked how much the site has grown up. Phil said the Fire Department had done some clearing. Lysle still has the portable car shelter that was used the last time we did Field Day.

Weekly 80 M net for KCARC. What night, what time? Bob VE1RSM would be willing to do net control. Not Sunday night because of the 2 M net. He is going to try Thursday night and check out frequencies. Art will send out an email. Bob will use the call VE1LD.

Suggestions for speakers, topics: Kevin Baker VE1BAK would do one if he is around. Art has suggested VE1LDD Ron Arenburg who runs Project Lifesaver. He does a good presentation. Art will contact him.

Fred VE1FA will calibrate RF power meters with his Bird Wattmeter. Take your equipment to his QTH to get your meter checked out.

Bob VE1RSM - Item of interest August & September Scoop magazine articles on ham radio.

Bob VE1RSM Discussion on Brass Pounders Award.  Brass Pounders – the web doesn't have enough on this topic. It should happen in February. Very few rules in the old days. Changes were made years ago to include SSB. Bob should talk to John VE1ATT about this. It runs for the month of February - number of QSOs by the number of countries. It was decided that we should announce it & run it this year. It should be simple and friendly. Phil feels that it would generate more interest if there was a SSB component. We will get a trophy made up for SSB and announce both.

W1AW is having the 100th anniversary this year. There is a special call  It is W100AW. They are on all bands, & there are some challenges.  There is a tracking device you can download from ARRL.

 Lysle announced that he had an email from the new EMO coordinator for West Hants. The former coordinator has moved to Alberta. KCARC agreed to help. Our priority is Kings County. Art says that  we don't get more than 3 people out to Operation Handshake for Kings County.  Bob suggested that he & Lysle go to meet with the new coordinator to tell him that we may not be able to help much.

Art asked about EMO forms & where to get them. Halifax has their own forms & we might be able to copy them. 

Adjourned at 8:50 PM

submitted by Helen Archibald VA1YL

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  03 February 2014

Social – 7 – 7:30 pm

 Start of Meeting: 7:30. Eleven people plus the speaker. Fred VE1FA, Wayne VE1BAB, Phil VE1WT, Lysle VE1BZE, Ernie VE1AUW, Bob VE1RSM, Helen VA1YL, Mike Wood VE1MU, Dave VE1UJ, Art VE1ART, Eric VE1JW

Presentation – Art introduced Speaker:

Ron Arenburg VE1LDD Search Manager Valley Search & Rescue. Background in Information Technology.  Project Lifesaver.  Tracking missing people with radio transmitters. Nova Scotia comes up first. Ask John to add link on web site.   

 - Old Business: Dues payable to Art. Donations for Blind Amateur radio also due to Art.

 - Insurance –  What do we need? What do we plan to do? Discussion to be held next month. Wayne suggested an insurance rep come & talk to us. What is RAC insurance offering? We do not qualify for RAC insurance because we are not incorporated. Bob thinks we need to have the discussion then the insurance expert.

- Repeater update – Art.  Repeater came in & was paid for. The new one can be installed when Reg is available.

Financial Report: Balance: $2493.06 RAC affiliation was paid.

 - HAM course - Started January 27th in Greenwood. Advertised in Greenwood, not in our area. 5 last week, expecting 12 this week. Youngest one is 12 years old.

 - Business Cards – If you want some let Art know what you want on them.

 - KCARC Feb Challenge – 1/0000Z – 28/2359 Feb 2014

       - See Web Page for details.

 - New Business

 – 80 meter net, -Bob 10 to 12 checkins, 17 one night.

 -  VHF net;

- EMO Windsor – Lysle went to the meeting. Hants County Ham club has folded. He made it clear to Mr Maynard that we would not supply manpower in an emergency. They are looking at amateur radio equipment & we could help with advice on that. The EMO NS guy mentioned "Control Box". Radio stations are not manned after business hours. CRTC mandates that stations must broadcast emergency announcements.  The radio stations have appealed. West Hants has a very nice comms trailer. It has not been used in 4 years. We might be able to use it for field day or some other event. Lysle recommends that Bob get together with Mr Maynard. Lysle asked Rick Sherard about the repeater VE1HCR. 146.97.  He did not know if it worked. Bob will try it. 

 Up Coming/Ongoing Events:

 - Project HANDSHAKE: Art, Lysle, attended. Mike VE1MU tried to get in but could not get anyone's attention. The HF part does not work well because of intermod. One of them will stay home & work from home - frequency is 3,675. They do not want random people checking in, only EMO centres. Others are only welcome afterwards.

Dave asked who the radio guy is for the county. Nova Communications. Dave complained that the antenna is over the Judge's elevator. Art says they are trying to get it changed. 

- Club Feb Challenge – 0000Z/1 – 2359Z 28 Feb (except Leap years) Brasspounders should be renamed to include SSB. 

 - Maritime QSO party – 1st Saturday in June, 1200Z – 2359Z (12 hours)

- Field Day – 4th Saturday in June, 1800Z Saturday 28th – 2059Z Sunday 29th to be discussed next month.

 - Canada Day Contest – 0000 – 2359Z 1 Jul

- Weekend Work Shop – Antenna Construction?

- Guides on the Air (15th & 16th February)

 Presentations: again any Future ideas:

March: Insurance discussion
Logger 32, Club Log
Art will ask Kevin about a presentation on the ships from China. 

Meeting closed at 21:08

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    03 March 2014

Social: 7 – 7:30 pm

Start of Meeting: 7:30 Speaker - Mark Vardy Gates Insurance salesman explaining the value of having insurance for the whole year versus for individual events. To get RAC insurance you need to be an incorporated body. Registry of Joint Stocks costs money each year $30.25 per year. The paperwork is very tedious. RAC insurance costs about $125 per year plus $12 for each club member who is not a RAC member.  Art will ask how the Fire Department feels about us having insurance. Mark will give us an estimate.  

Discussion was held. Wayne thinks we should shop around. The club cannot afford the approximately $500 Mr Vardy said insurance would cost. Would EMO subsidize our insurance? There is not much participation by club members in EMO. Does Canning Fire Department have insurance that would cover us at a Field day at the repeater site? We need it but can we afford it? Six of the people at the meeting were RAC members.

Field Day - is there interest in the club in having a field day? Many people will be away. Is there interest in having a day in the field playing radio? Wayne suggested Prescott House like to have events happen. Lysle suggested a weekend at the Repeater site if Canning would cover the insurance. Sheffield Mills used to invite KCARC to set up a station at Harvest Festival.

 - Old Business: Dues payable to Art. Donations for Blind Amateur radio also due to Art. Art will send the cheque to CNIB.

- Repeater update - No update. The site is not accessible due to deep snow.

- Financial Report: No change except $100 dues came in.

- HAM course - There were 7 students, one has dropped out.

- Business Cards – If you want some let Art know what you want on them.

– 80 meter net, -Bob was away 2 weeks. Wayne picked it up one Thursday. If Bob is not available he hopes someone will pick it up. Wayne had 3 check ins.

- EMO Windsor –.  There is another meeting next month. Lysle will attend. Bob will try to get in touch. Art was the only one who attended the Kings Co EMO. Operation Handshake is held the last Tuesday of the month. It is a short event.  Members are eligible for training by EMO. If there was an emergency, Art would be involved at the Fire Hall.

Up Coming/Ongoing Events:

- Club Feb Challenge – 0000Z/1 – 2359Z 28 Feb Wayne made a trophy for the SSB portion of the KCARC contest.  The results come in to Helen VA1YL. Bob sent out a digital form for submission, but you can send an email with you number of contacts, and number of mults. Honour System. April meeting - supper, the trophies & certificates could be given out. Probably the first Wednesday, April 2nd. Lysle will check with Kao restaurant. The results of the contest need to be in to Helen by March 15th.  John VE1ATT has a template for the certificates. He needs some special paper. The engraving should be done at Porter's in Kentville. The club agreed to spend the money.

HARC hamfest is May 31st at the St. Andrews community centre on Bayers Road.

- Maritime QSO party – 1st Saturday in June, 1200Z – 2359Z (12 hours)

- Canada Day Contest – 0000 – 2359Z 1 July, Helen & Fred will not be hosting this summer.

Moe needs some help with his antenna - the tree that supported his antenna had to be cut down. A Saturday get-together would handle this.

Lysle is working to get Steve Boone VE1XBC reinstated as a certified examiner. There is a man in Wolfville who wants to write the test. .

- Weekend Work Shop – Antenna Construction- waiting for better weather.

Presentations: again any Future ideas?

Guides on the Air - Helen VA1YL reported on GOTA at her QTH.

Adjourned at 2108.

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  05 May 2014

Social: 7 – 7:30 pm

Members Present:

President - Bob (VE1RSM)

V-Pres - Lysle - absent

Treasure - Art (VE1ART)

Secretary - Helen - absent

Mike (MAW), Kevin (BAK), Ralph (SIM), Wayne (BAB), Ernie (AUW), Phil (WT)

Fin Report:

Art (VE1ART)- reported that we have approx 2590 dollars in our account.

Old Business:

Art (VE1ART) - sent a check on behalf of the club for 100 dollars to the Blind Amateur Fund.  Approx 70 dollars was collected from the membership and the club made up the remainder.

 Art (VE1ART - reported there is no change in the new repeater, just waiting to be installed.

Bob (VE1RSM) - noted that he will discontinue the Thursday night 80 meter net due to slow activity and may give it another try in the fall.

Bob (VE1RSM) - gave a quick update on the results of the Feb Challenge. Fred (VE1FA) won the SSB Trophy and Bob (VE1RSM) won the CW Trophy.  All results will be posted on the KCARC Web Page.  Bob thanked all those who participated in the event this year.  All participated received a certificate from the club.

Wayne (VE1BAB) - provided the club with an insurance estimate from Gates Insurance.  If the club decides Gates would provide a 1,000,000 policy for 320 dollars a year.  This insurance would cover the public only not club members and also would not cover Sexual Abuse and Molestation.

Bob (VE1RSM) - noted that the club needs to look at what its future plans are and if there will be activities planned which would involve "Public Participation" and if so then the club must consider insurance.  If the club has no current plans to hold activities where the Public would be in attendance then is there a need for insurance?   Note, the quote from Gates does not include or cover - Club Members.

New Business:

Bob (VE1RSM) - received an email from Lysle which indicated that Windsor EMO would be holding a display at the Windsor Mall and was wonder if any club members would be interested in attending.  He also noted that on the same date (12 May) the Kentville EMO would be holding a general meeting.  (Update - no members were available to attend either event.)

Art (VE1ART) - indicated that he is stepping back from the monthly EMO Testing at the EMO office.  He indicated that his increased commitment to the KVFD is taking up a lot of his free time and in an emergency he would not be available to react to both the EMO requirements and the KVFD.

 Upcoming Events:

- HARC HAM Fest - 31 May

- Maritime QSO Party - 4th June (1st Saturday)

- Field Day - we are invited to attend the Greenwood event again this year

- Canada Day - 1st July, Helen/Fred will not be hosting this year

 General Note:

- Dave Gillis (VY1GLS) has been getting some medical treatment.

 Minutes taken by Bob/VE1RSM

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  02 June 2014

Members Present:

President - Bob (VE1RSM)

V-Pres - Lysle - absent

Treasure - Art (VE1ART)

Secretary - Helen - absent

Wayne (BAB), Phil (WT), Jacob

Fin Report:

Art (VE1ART)- reported that we have approx 2590 dollars in our account, no change from previous report.

Old Business:

Art (VE1ART) - new repeater no change, will put a push on this in the fall to get it installed.

Nets - Bob (VE1RSM) - no change from previous report.

Insurance - BF for Fall meeting.

EMO - still looking for volunteers to assist at month "Exercise HANDSHAKE" at EMO Kentville.

There was no update on Dave Gillis status (VY1GLS) - Bob (VE1RSM) said he would try to reach the Yukon ARC to get some info.

Windsor EMO Display - no one from the club was available to attend.  Not sure if anyone attended the Kentville meeting.

New Business:

Windsor EMO Exercise - 14 Jun- Bob (VE1RSM) said he would be attending.

Club AGM meeting not required as all executive members indicated they wold stay on for another year.

HARC HAM Fest - several members attended this event.  Was a good turn out for used radios at this HAM Fest.

Upcoming Events:

- Maritime QSO Party - 4th June (1st Saturday) - Cancelled for an UNDETERMINED period of time.

- Field Day -  28 Jun -we are invited to attend the Greenwood event again this year

- Canada Day - 1st Jul, Helen/Fred will not be hosting this year

- Fred VE1FA - is gearing up for an trip to participate in the IOTA in Jul.

General Note:

There was a good gneral discussion following the business portion of the meeting.  Some topics discussed were: DX Chasers, Contesting, SOTA, IOTA and some of the available software available.

It was suggested by those present that in the fall a presentation and discussion on Contesting: including some does and don'ts, software, etc might be a good topic.

Phil and Bob indicated they would assist Mike with installing he 14AVQ Vertical.

Next meeting will be 8th Sep - Topic Contesting.

Minutes taken by Bob/VE1RSM

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06 October 2014


Present; Mike, Wayne VE1BAB, Lysle VE1BZE, Jacob, VE1  Fred VE1FA, Janusz VE2ZHP, Art VE1ART, Helen VA1YL, Bob VE1RSM

Financial Statement. No change. $2590.81 nothing in, nothing out.

Repeater – Lorne VE1BXK from Parsboro has had problems with the repeater on packet. Lysle sent it to Eric VE1JW because he is the only one still active. The LAN is not responding. Do we want to go up & fix it? Lorne & Brad maintain a couple of repeaters up their way. Lorne thinks that EMO still use it. He thinks we should keep it operating.  Lorne is good at troubleshooting. The packet node will run off the new repeater. Lorne might be able to talk us through some adjustments. The new repeater is still in the box. Lysle has suggested Lorne to help get the new repeater installed. WE need someone who has he software from Motorola. Reg MacDonald has been very busy this summer. Motorola would supply the software to Reg. Art will contact Reg this week. Reg's son was injured in an accident up north.  Discussion at meeting.  There are power advantages to the new repeater & it will work better with the emergency system. Art will let us know what Reg says.  Lysle asked what we do about the packet. He will contact Lorne to see what needs to be done. Art suggested that Lysle, Fred & Art go up, Fred gets rid of the cans, & maybe do what needs to be done to the packet. No one wants to spend money on packet since no club members use it unless it is needed for EMO.

Old Business - none.

New Business:

Flea market Table – Another suggestion from Lysle to see if there are some available items for donation for a club table at the Greenwood Ham Fest to use as a fund raiser.  Do a 50-50? Art has tickets – It has to go through NS Lottery. Wayne VE1BAB thinks we should ask Greenwood if it is okay. Jacob will pick up the tickets from Art on Saturday. Art can't be there. Fred has some stuff he will donate. Fred will contact Al VO1NO and ask that the KCARC table be by Fred's.

Fred VE1FA reported on VC1S 3.1 million points. We came 10th in the world in the DXpedition category. # 10 in the world.

Canada Winter VE1LD multi-op single trans category VE6SV scored over 1,000000. We were only #5. at 340,000. 3 Americans were ahead.

VC1S to Newfoundland tried to cross the Atlantic on 2 M. We partly did it. Copied by G3SWX on the east coast of England.  On FSK441. WE are applying for the Brendan Plate for the first station to make a one-way contact across the Atlantic. The problem was just when the ISS was over the middle of the Atlantic.

Operation Handshake - next one would be the last Tuesday of October.  Bob will try to go & if he calls Wayne VE1BAB Wayne will go along. No one went to the September meeting.

Fall Banquet? The Chinese restaurant KAO is closed for renovations. Lysle will try to contact them to see if they will be open in November.

Bob did a short presentation on – Contesting – Some Does and Don’ts. 

Greenwood Flea Market 18th October. 8 AM for vendors, 10 AM for public.

RAC Winter contest. December 27th & 28th. Fred & Helen would like to invite everyone to come & take part. They do need some work on the YAGI. Does anyone know someone who would do it. Tower is 48 feet, Wayne's brother in law sometimes has a cherry picker at his shop that goes up to 40 feet. Jacob climbs his own. Bob, Wayne & Jacob would come help on the ground.

80 meter net - Bob may start it up in November & will let everyone know.

Will  Fred and Helen do a presentation in November of the BP Dxpedition and/or the VHF trip to Newfoundland? Is anyone interested?

February Challenge is coming up. Bob will be away in Australia.

Peter has started up the 2 M Sunday night net.

Lysle's tower blew down in Hurricane Arthur.

 CQWW is 25/26 Oct.

 Janusz VE2ZHP reported on his equipment at home. He is a tube radio fan. He uses Heathkit. He has an HW 101 that he got from KCARC.

 Kevin – says he will try to have a presentation in the early New Year of a ship transiting the Panama Canal Locks, with some detailed video of how it is all done.

If Bob can swing it he would like to try a presentation of how  Logger32 and N1MM interfaces with a radio.  His thoughts on this would be to setup his FT857D via a dummy load and laptop to show it working.  Will discuss this to see if it is at all feasible.

 CLARA Rag Chew QSO party.

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01 December 2014

Welcome: at 19:26

Wayne, VE1BAB, Barry, VE1QY, Jacob VE1JAH, Don VE1DRS, Lyse VE1LSE, Art VE1ART, Bob VE1RSM, Fred VE1FA, Helen VA1YL.

A moment of silence was held for Kurt VE1TT who died at the first of November.

Treasurers Report: Cheque in memory of Kurt to NS Nature Trust. $25.00. A donation of $75 was made to the club. The 50/50 draw earned about $25. Bank Balance $2720.81

The club is in the black.

Repeater: New repeater is up and running & working well! Finished off by Reg MacDonald on the weekend. The old one is still there in case something happens to the new one. Next Saturday it will be hooked up to the 12 Volt system so that if the 120 fails, it can work. It puts out 50 Watts, the older one was a bit more, maybe 65 Watts. Reg is a club member and did not charge. It was suggested that we give him a free membership and a certificate of appreciation. Lyse reported that the packet thing had been dropped off to Lorne who brought it back to the Greenwood Flea Market. It was installed by Lysle and Art and is working fine.

Greenwood Flea Market: Numbers were down. Any ideas for how to increase it? The Moncton one seemed larger.

Club Dinner: Lysle checked out the restaurant & it says it is opening soon. After Christmas. Kao is not open on Mondays. Bob VE1RSM is going cruising from January 22nd till the end of February.

Presentation by Fred VE1FA

80 m net.  It has not been started up Thursday nights at 19:30 on 3742. If anyone is interested please let Bob VER1RSM know. He will send out an email.

RAC winter contest - Friday December 26th 8 PM till Saturday. Bob will be in NB. Barry yes, Jacob maybe, Wayne maybe. Bob recommends N1MM Plus.

January meeting January 5th. Lysle will talk about the Hex beam.

Lysle asked if the club has a designated examiner.  No one knows. Guy Campbell was an examiner but he is in Ontario. Steve Boone VE1XBC was certified and sponsored by the club.

Bob VE1RSM went to Operation Handshake but not on time. Wayne VE1BAB would like to get involved. Just get there at 7 Pm & tap on the door. Art will get the contact phone number.

Wayne asked if anyone had heard from Guy Campbell. Jacob had an email.

Meeting was adjourned at 21:25

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05 January 2015

Members present        

Bob VE1RSM, Jacob VE1JAH, Kevin VE1BAK  Fred VE1FA,  Anne VE2WHO,  Art VE1ART,  Wayne VE1BAB,  Paul VE1AVD,  Lysle VE1BZE,  Barry VE1QY,  Helen VA1YL.

Guest Speaker Anne VE2WHO.  Radio Astronomy or As DX as it Gets.

Membership Renewals.

Anne Archibald was introduced by Fred VE1FA. Anne is an astrophysicist in the Netherlands. She has worked with the 4 largest radio telescopes in the world.

Art reported $2700 balance plus tonight's intake. John paid for the webpage so we will pay his membership.

Club dinner: Restaurant is now open. Lysle will let us know when the dinner is to be.

Thursday night net has been started. Bob went on on New Year's Day but no one came back to him. Sunday night VHF net is still going. Peter Smale runs the 2m net.

RAC Winter contest. Started off badly but conditions improved. More contacts n 10 then on 20. Raw score was 311,000. Barry, Phil & Lysle dropped in. We have only done better twice.

New Business: February is the Brasspounder Challenge. SSB & CW are both available. Logs go to Helen. There will be a supper when the awards go out.  You can score DX on each band/mode.

Tim Taylor wants to take the course. Fred would teach it if someone would take on a couple of the lessons. Fred has started the process to become a certified examiner. There are supposed to be 21 accredited examiners in NS - at least 5 are dead. Bob would help with some lessons when he gets back.

Kings Co SAR are looking for a communications volunteer. They would like the club to go out & do communications for them They are also willing to do a presentation.

Art asked if anyone had any comments on the repeater. There have been no complaints. It has not been announced that the new one is up. Lysle wants the identifier changed. It could say "Welcome to the Annapolis Valley".

Upcoming Events. Lysle will talk on his hex beam. Kevin will give a talk but he will be down south. He could do it in June. Bob asked Wayne if he would talk on cleaning up CW keys. Barry could speak about QRP. Paul was asked to talk about Oil Rigs offshore. 

Anne's presentation:

Anne asked people to ask questions. Questions were asked.  

Meeting ended at 9:45 PM

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02 March 2015

Barry VE1QY, Jacob VE1JAH, Fred, VE1FA, Wayne VE1BAB, Lysle VE1BZE, Art VE1ART, Bob VE1RSM, Helen VA1YL

Social – 7 – 7:30 pm

Start of Meeting: 7:30

- Intros - everyone knew each other.

- Old Business: Dues payable to Art.

- Repeater update - No complaints. Lysle said that the 7:30 AM net has not been happening.

- Financial Report: new projector, only major expenditure - approximately $400.00.

- HAM course. The student population has dropped from 3 to 1. Fred is waiting to get his examiner's permit. He is approved as a qualified examiner.

- Brendan Awards - The debate continues.

- DXpedition - still up in the air

- Field Day – 4th Saturday in June, 1800Z Saturday 27th – 2059Z Sunday 28th Greenwood has found a nice spot on the Fundy Coast. HARC is at EMO this year.

- KCARC Feb Challenge – 5 logs submitted, VE1WT, VE1BAB, VE1FA, VA1YL, Mike Wood

- EMO Windsor – Don Starrat - Lysle wants to get him interested in EMO Windsor.

- Project HANDSHAKE: There is a new TMR. Wayne VE1BAB is interested in helping. Be there before 7 PM on last Tuesday of month. The door locks at 7 PM. Next meeting is  March 31st. Bob will try to meet up with Wayne and get him in. The private TMR channel has disappeared.

- Wayne moved that we donate $100 to the Navassa Expedition (K1N). Navassa was the 2nd most wanted DXCC entity.  Fred seconded it. Approved.  Wayne will let Art know where to send the money.

- CNIB - We usually get requests from them for the blind ham club. CNIB has been fussing about people stealing money from the collectors.  It was decided to wait till things settle down before sending them another donation.

- Restaurant - If there is a date we could present the trophy at the restaurant. Probably an early Thursday in April. KAO.  This would be the April meeting. Lysle will check it out and let us know.

- HARC is negotiating with Museum of the Atlantic to set up some radio stations aboard the boats. Fred has proposed they set up the Gibson Girl radio & its receiver, and the CM11 Naval set-up from the 60s. Fred has volunteered to get the equipment working. 

- Canada Day Contest – 0000 – 2359Z 1 July chez VE1FA & VA1YL.

– 80 meter net, -Bob was away but is back and will get the net going again.

-  VHF net; Peter is still doing this.

- Weekend Work Shop – Antenna Construction? after winter goes away.  Another idea in May or June - set up a portable station demonstrating digital modes.  We could invite the Greenwood club and find an outdoor public place to set up. e.g.  Digipan?, WSJT, etc.

- Guides on the Air (21st & 22nd February) - GOTA - Helen had about 55 YLs & VYLs through the shack. The girls loved CW!


Lysle showed his progress on his HexBeam. He showed the fibreglass Crappie pole and the centre pole. It works on 6 bands. Wire is held on by P clips. Lysle bought the Crappie poles from Amazon, but not all 6 at once.

Further to my presentation last evening at the meeting, here are 2 URLs for constructing the broad band hex beam.

The original article by Leo Schumacher K4KIO is here:
The instructions are clear and the tables contain all information needed.
Another good site is here:
This site is larger and more complicated to navigate around. On the right side of the page, look for October 2012 for all aspects of construction. It appears to be an update of K4KIO's original article. It also has more technical and background information that might be useful to understand how the beast works.
As we get into Spring, I should be able to get antenna into the air to get some idea of how well it works.
If anyone has any questions, suggestions or sourcing details for the spreaders, please forward them along to me.

 Meeting closed at    20:50

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04 May 2015

Fred, VE1FA, Wayne VE1BAB, Lysle VE1BZE, Art VE1ART, Bob VE1RSM, Helen VA1YL, Will - no call,  Kurt VA1DER

Social – 7 – 7:30 pm

Start of Meeting: 7:35

- Intros - Will is interested in ham radio. Kurt is from Windsor, new to the area.

Wayne showed Fred an old Morse Code key.

Old Business: Dues payable to Art.

- Financial Report: only expense was the trophies. $31.00. Art asked Wayne for the information for the K1N donation.  

- HAM course: Fred offered to teach another course if there is enough interest. He is approved as a qualified examiner. Greg Ross got his licence. His call is VE1HGR. 

Brendan Award - not decided. Fred explained to Kurt what the debate is.

- Field Day – 4th Saturday in June, 1800Z Saturday 27th – 2059Z Sunday 28th Greenwood has found a nice spot on the Fundy Coast. HARC is at EMO this year.

- KCARC Feb Challenge – Phil VE1WT won the CW, Fred VE1FA won the SSB.

- Canada Day Contest – 0000 – 2359Z 1 July chez VE1FA & VA1YL.

- 80 M net - Bob tried for 4 weeks & got no check in so he has given up.

New Business - Bob would like an afternoon event for June 13th. There would be no rain date. Set up a couple of portable stations & demo digital modes.  Kurt can project his cell phone from anywhere. Cross country is at the Repeater set. There would be a BBQ paid for by the club.

Lysle has talked to Bill VE1MR about changing the identifier on the repeater. Lysle would like it to say "Welcome to the Annapolis Valley" or something. Bill is willing to program it.

CQM - a Russian sponsored contest is this weekend the 9th. Just signal report & serial number.

May 30th & 31st. CQ WPX contest. 48 hours. Signal report and serial number.

The meeting was turned over to discussion about Nearfest or other subjects. The vehicle on route was HF/VHF mobile. Bob had his 857 radio and his screwdriver antenna. Mongolia was booming in. JT1CO. Bob had no key with him. Good turnout. It was very social.

Barry VE1QY will be selling off Kurt VE1TT equipment. He had a TS 480.

- HARC is negotiating with Maritime Museum of the Atlantic to set up some radio stations aboard the boats. Fred has proposed they set up the Gibson Girl radio & its receiver, and the CM11 Naval set-up from the 60s. Fred has volunteered to get the equipment working. A Quebec radio museum has lost its building and will donate the equipment. Fred is waiting for approval for the transportation of the equipment.

- HARC set up a ham station during school break. Each kid who could send his name in Morse code got a certificate. 206 kids got certificates. The youngest was 2 1/2 years old. The Museum will pay for a new ham station.

There was a discussion about the ham course. Will has done a lot of research into the course.

Meeting closed at 20:26

14 September 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:40 when the Secretary arrived.

Present: Keith VE1KAP, Fred VE1FA, Jacob VE1EN, Barry VE1QT, Moe VE1AEM,  Bob VE1RSM,  Helen VA1YL

No old business.  In June the meeting was just a rag chew.

Greenwood Fleamarket - The Flea Market will  happen on 24th October. 

Afternoon Outing - First weekend in October in Port Williams Park,  There is WiFi. Setting up a couple of radios and antennas and doing a demonstration of digital modes and HF. Wayne has suggested we have a banner or sign. 3 foot by 4 foot. A dipole for 20 and Bob's screwdriver. Fred can bring a 100 W radio & a 5 band vertical. Bob has a 30 foot mast. Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon. Let's go on Saturday  October 3rd with Sunday as a rain date. There is power & washrooms. Bring your own snack. Moe suggested having a practice key & sheets of code. We should have some pamphlets about the club or business cards. No promotion. In club activity.

Ham course - when Jacob took it it was at Kings Tech. Bob will ask about Kings Tech because they promoted the course.

Ideas for topics during the year:

Solar Flux numbers - Fred

Kevin VE1BAK

Antennas - dos & don'ts

Supper meeting Chinese food

How I got started - Helen

Windsor Repeater site - update

KCARC Repeater 147.180 VE1AEH - Peter is running the Sunday night net. The packet has gone down. It needs to be reset. Art is out camping.

136 & 476 Kilohertz.

Do we want to try the 80 Meter net on Thursday night? 7:30 PM Local. 3740 or 3743. Yes - Bob will start it.

Operation Handshake is September 29th. Be there before 7 PM. At EMO office in Kentville. (and Windsor). Last Tuesday of every month. 1900 local.

Fred talked about the 2 M TransAtlantic attempt. It has been confirmed that the signal bounced off the Space station. Joe Taylor, K1JT who wrote the program, analysed the data & confirmed that the ISS was involved.

Meeting adjourned at:  8:50 PM.

05 October 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:27 when the Secretary arrived.

Present:   Fred VE1FA, Jacob  VE1EN, Lysle VE1BZE,  Kurt VA1DER,   Bob VE1RSM,  Wayne VE1BAB, Helen VA1YL

Old business. Bob will sic Art VE1ART on the sign business. Wayne has offered his A-frame for the sign.

Kingstec - Bob has not contacted them yet about running a ham course there & having them promote it.

Operation Handshake : Last Tuesday of every month. 1900 local. Be there before 7 PM. At EMO office in Kentville. (and Windsor). No one at the meeting went to the September one.

The province has bought the building where EMO is situated. It is not known what will happen to the EMO location.

Windsor Repeater site - Bob asked Lysle about the process. Keith Pierce VE1KAP is trying to get the repeater up again. Bill Elliot VE1MR & Lorne Anderson VE1BXK  have been approached to assess the site. EMO are eager to get it up and running again. When the West Hants EMO person was a ham he tried hard to keep things working. We need to find people from that area to take an interest. Kurt VA1DER suggested we become the Annapolis Valley Amateur Radio Club & take over.

Greenwood Fleamarket - The Flea Market will  happen on 24th October. 

November Sweepstakes - CW is on Nov 7th.

RAC winter contest: VE1FA & VA1YL will host it again. December 18th & 19th.

Big CW contest is the end of November.

North Korea - a gentleman has been approved to go into North Korea January & February. He cannot bring any gear out that he takes in. No one is offering him equipment to take.

Repeater: The identifier on VE1AEH has changed. Bill VE1MR & Tom Cahoon VE1TA went up & worked all day on it. The voice you hear is Tom Cahoon's daughter Amy. Now it says "Welcome to the Annapolis Valley VE1AEH Repeater". The identifier on the link  says "Welcome to the VE1AE8 repeater". The link used to go to Sugarloaf but now it goes to Springfield. Some people do not like this. Lysle heard someone trying to use the autopatch & it didn't work. Bill VE1MR gave Bob VE1RSM a bill for the fuel for the repeater trip. Bill can get paid at the Greenwood Flea Market.

Kurt can give all club members an email address which will pass it on to our local address. John Bickerton is the webmaster for Any email that came in to callsign@KCARC could be re-directed to our home address. Kurt should talk to John.

80 Meter net on Thursday night:  7:30 PM Local. 3740 or 3743.  Bob will do it.

Peter VE1BHH has started up the 2 M net 8 PM on Sunday.

Talk by VE1FA about Amateur Radio in 1934.

Afternoon Outing - October 4th  in Port Williams Park:  Set up a couple of radios and antennas and did a demonstration of digital modes and HF.  A homebrew dipole Bob shot up into the trees for 20 and Bob's screwdriver antenna . Fred brought a 100 W radio (Kenwood 850) . Bob brought his Yaesu FT857 D and did digital. It took 2 hours to figure out the settings. Barry VE1QY made a QSO on WSJT.  Bob brought low calorie homemade snacks. Moe suggested having a practice key & sheets of code. We didn't do this since we did not publicize the event. Kurt brought a Heathkit 104A which got checked out & tried out.

This would be an excellent location for a Field Day. There is another good field behind Port Williams School with tall poles.  

 Meeting adjourned at:  21:10PM.

02 November 2015

November 2nd 2015 KCARC Minutes

Meeting called to order when the Secretary arrived.

Present:   Fred VE1FA, Lysle VE1BZE,  Kurt VA1DER,   Bob, VE1RSM,  Wayne VE1BAB, Helen VA1YL, Jim K5BAA, Erik VA1ERK, Kate, Erik's daughter, Art VE1ART

Eric has a Kenwood 130 S which was his grandfather's. Fred will check it out.

Financial Report - Paid Bill VE1MR $33 for his visit to the repeater site,  Balance.2428.28

Thank you note from Glennis, XYL of Layton, VE1MT (silent key). We made a donation to the nursing home.

Old business. Bob sent an email to KCCC to see about having a course. They didn't answer.

Art did not investigate a sign. Size 3' x 4'. Corrugated plastic. Fred suggested a roll up sign.

New Business - looking for sponsors for at least 2 call signs. Dave VE1UJ is currently the sponsor for VE1HCA, the Windsor one, and VE1LD, and VE1AEH. Dave is 82. He would like to turn them over to other people. The sponsor for VE1AEH has to be advanced. Kurt is happy to sponsor the Windsor one & maybe the others.  You might need to get a letter from Dave to pass it over.  The gang at Sault Ste Marie industry CANADA handles things like this.

Operation Handshake : Last Tuesday of every month. 1900 local. Be there before 7 PM. At EMO office in Kentville. (and Windsor). The province has bought the building where EMO is situated. It is not known what will happen to the EMO location. Lysle went to the REMO meeting. Eric Smith planned to go but called Lysle. Mike Ennis hopes that the new building in Coldbrook will be started this fall.  Lysle asked if the new building would have a radio room. Lysle asked if the radios have been upgraded to TMR2. Art says yes it probably has been upgraded. Lysle will go to the next Operation Handshake.  Jim suggested that we get involved early in the process. 

In 1995 when the Kosovo refugees were brought in Aldershot was the temporary home. If Canada brings in 25000 Syrian refugees we may get a call.

Club dinner KAO restaurant Dec 3rd at 5:30 a Thursday. We don't need to have a meeting in December unless something comes up like the refugee crisis.  

VY1AAA is being set up as a remote station. On the property of VE1JA (Jay) being managed by W1VE it has a K3 and lots of antennas. You can work it by using skype of something else. It is active at times they hope to have it active for CQWW and the RAC winter contest. 

November Sweepstakes - CW is on Nov 7th. SSB is on the 21-23rd.

RAC winter contest: VE1FA & VA1YL will host it again. December 18th & 19th. 8 Pm local.

Big CW contest is the end of November. CQWW CW .

North Korea - a gentleman has been approved to go into North Korea January & February. He cannot bring any gear out that he takes in. No one is offering him equipment to take.

Lysle talked to Brian DeAthe about a province wide hamfest. Windsor fairgrounds were suggested.


80 Meter net on Thursday night:  7:30 PM Local. 3740 or 3743.  Bob will do it.

Bob talked about computer ham radio programs.

Meeting adjourned at:  9 PM.





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